Detailed Guide to linksys RE7350 setup

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linksys RE7350 setup

Are you sick and weary of your house having annoying Wi-Fi dead zones? Those areas where your signal is weak and causes you to experience buffering movies, dropped calls, and constant frustration?With the linksys RE7350 setup, it’s finally time to wave goodbye to those headaches and hello to flawless Wi-Fi coverage.

Getting Started: Unpacking the Box and Selecting the Ideal Location

1. Unboxing Your Wi-Fi Savior

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find when you unbox your Linksys RE7350:

  • The RE7350 range extender itself
  • A power adapter
  • An Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide

2. Finding the Sweet Spot

The placement of your range extender is crucial to its effectiveness. Here are some tips for finding the ideal spot:

  • Proximity to Your Router: Position the extender within a strong signal area of your main router, ideally within line of sight.
  • Central Location: Aim for a central location in your home to ensure balanced coverage.
  • Avoid Obstacles: Keep it away from walls, metal objects, and other potential signal blockers.
  • Experiment!: Don’t be afraid to try different locations to find the best performance.

Linksys RE7350 setup Methods: WPS vs Web-Based

The RE7350 offers two convenient setup methods: WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and web-based. Let’s dive into each one:

Method 1: The Magic of WPS

  • Insert into Power: Attach the extender to a power outlet and patiently await the moment the light transitions to a steady orange glow.
  • Activate WPS: Identify the WPS button on both your router and the extender, then give them a simultaneous press. Press and hold them for a few seconds each.
  • Wait for Connection: The extender’s light will turn solid blue, indicating a successful connection.

Method 2: Web-Based Linksys RE7350 Setup

  • Connect to the Extender’s Network: Head to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and opt for the extender’s default network, commonly labeled as “Linksys Extender Setup – xxx.”
  • Access the Configuration Page with a Click: Launch a web browser and input either “” or “” into the address bar.
  • Follow the On-Screen Instructions: The setup wizard will guide you through the steps of choosing your network, establishing passwords, and completing other setup tasks.

Troubleshooting tips for Linksys RE7350 Setup

Even with a flawless setup, occasional errors may still arise. Here are some common linksys RE7350 setup issues and their solutions:

1. Problem: No connection established.

Solution: Check if the extender is within the proper range of your router. Verify if WPS connections are enabled on both devices. If using web-based setup, double-check the entered network name and password.

2. Problem: Weak signal strength.

Solution: Reposition the extender closer to your router or in a more central location. Avoid obstacles like walls and metal objects. Check for firmware updates to improve performance.

3. Problem: Can’t access the setup page.

Solution: Ensure that your device is linked to the network of the extender rather than the network of your primary router. Try switching to a new web browser or deleting your browsing history. Reset the extender to factory defaults and try again if the problem persists.

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1. Can I use the RE7350 with any router?

Ans: Yes, the RE7350 is compatible with most Wi-Fi routers, regardless of brand.

2. How many devices can the RE7350 support?

Ans: It can handle up to 25 connected devices simultaneously, making it ideal for medium-sized to large households.

3. Does the RE7350 increase my internet speed?

Ans: Boosting both the signal strength and coverage of your existing connection, this device ensures a smoother experience throughout your home, even though it may not result in an immediate acceleration of your internet speed.

4. Does the RE7350 require a subscription?

Ans: No, the RE7350 is a one-time purchase and doesn’t require any additional subscriptions or fees.

5. How long does it take to set up the RE7350?

Ans: The setup process is relatively quick and typically takes around 5-10 minutes using WPS or slightly longer with web-based setup.

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